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Liberty's New Business To Boost Supplies of CNG for Hydraulic Fracturing

Service company Liberty Energy has announced the formation of Liberty Power Innovations which will specialize in compressed natural gas.

Source: Liberty Energy.

Denver-based Liberty Energy has recently stood up a new business called Liberty Power Innovations (LPI) to bolster its ability to offer lower-emissions hydraulic fracturing operations.

LPI will provide compressed natural gas (CNG) and related processing and logistics services to Liberty's natural gas-powered fleets and remote power generation units, as well as to other companies in the oil and gas sector.

LPI has already been to work in the Haynesville Shale where it provided field gas-treating services to support one of Liberty’s completions campaigns. Liberty noted that with CNG and treated field gas in short supply, having “dependable access” to natural gas is critical to running these services efficiently.

“The oil field is undergoing a generational technology shift in fuel use from diesel to clean-burning natural gas, with Liberty at the forefront of this change,” the company said in an announcement this month.

Liberty also announced this month that it acquired CNG provider and logistics firm Siren Energy for $78 million. Along with new manufacturing capabilities, Liberty said the deal will add to LPI’s portfolio as much as 16 MMscf/D of natural gas compression capacity from two locations in the Permian Basin.