Enhanced recovery

Nanotechnology Helps Decrease Pressure, Increase Injection in Offshore China Oil Field

The authors report that nanopolysilicon can be used effectively as a depressurizing, injection-increasing agent.

Nanopolysilicon aggregation.
Fig. 1—Nanopolysilicon aggregation.

Nanotechnology offers creative approaches to solve problems of oil and gas production that also provide potential for pressure-decreasing application in oil fields. However, at the time of writing, successful pressure-decreasing nanotechnology has rarely been reported. The complete paper reports nanopolysilicon as a new depressurization and injection-increasing agent. The stability of nanopolysilicon was studied in the presence of various ions, including sodium (Na+), calcium (Ca2+), and magnesium (Mg2+). The study found that the addition of nanomaterials can improve porosity and permeability of porous media.


More than 600 water-injection wells exist in Bohai Bay, China.

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