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Net Zero Technology Centre Launches £10 Million Competition

The organization, formerly known as the Oil and Gas Technology Centre, will run its Open Innovation Programme starting on 16 March, focusing on seven technology areas.

Source: Net Zero Technology Centre

The Net Zero Technology Centre announced the launch of its 2022 Open Innovation Programme aimed at developing and deploying technologies that will reduce offshore emissions, accelerate clean energy production, and enable delivery of the UK’s net-zero ambitions.

The 2022 program will feature two funding competitions. The first will open on 16 March, and the second is scheduled for October.

Businesses from across the globe can apply for a share of £7 million available in the first competition, with a maximum of £1 million to be awarded to each successful project. The projects must support the transition toward net zero with an obligation of trialling and deploying technology within the UK continental shelf. As well as funding, the projects will gain access to data, facilities, and technical expertise from industry. Seven technology focus areas have been identified for the first competition:

  • Carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS)
  • Hydrogen and clean fuels
  • Renewables and energy storage
  • Zero emissions power
  • Venting and flaring
  • Integrity management
  • Late life and decommissioning

Digital and data architecture, smart assets, and field automation will be included in the technology focus areas within the second £3 million funding competition set for October.
“The launch of the 2022 Open Innovation Programme marks an update to our funding model, moving from an open call for ideas to two funding competition windows with specific technology focus areas,” said Myrtle Dawes, the Solution Centre director at the Net Zero Technology Centre. “Following COP26, it is clear that we need to urgently focus on accelerating the delivery of technologies that will secure our net-zero ambitions. Our updated funding model will allow us to concentrate on specific technology gaps to develop and commercialize the innovative technologies that are currently in the prototype and demonstration phase and ultimately drive the huge leaps in clean energy innovation that will deliver our 2050 emission reduction targets.”

The Net Zero Technology Centre was launched in 2017 as the Oil and Gas Technology Center. It was created as part of the Aberdeen City Region Deal with £180 million of UK and Scottish government funding with a goal of maximizing the potential of the North Sea. In 2020, it shifted its purpose to focus on moving the energy industry toward net zero, and, in 2021, it official changed its name.