Netherlands To Halt Oil and Gas Hunt

The Dutch Government will no longer issue drilling permits for new onshore oil and gas wells.

Groningen gas.
Groningen gas.
Getty Images.

The Dutch Government said in January it will stop the search for new onshore oil and gas fields in a drive to reach its climate goals and limit seismic risks. Exploration will be limited to offshore gas fields under the North Sea, which are needed to limit the country’s dependence on Russian natural gas.

New onshore oil drilling permits will no longer be granted. Onshore drilling will only occur at gas fields where exploration is already allowed.

The Netherlands, for decades, was one of Europe’s main gas suppliers through the massive Groningen field in the north of the country, but gas production there has been cut to a minimum in recent years to limit seismic risks in the region and is planned to end next year, according to Reuters.

The Netherlands has 175 smaller onshore gas fields in operation, which could still supply around 400 Bcm of gas.