Fracturing/pressure pumping

New Frac Pump Technology Lowers Total Systems Costs by Double Digits and Decreases Emissions by Up to 40%

Frac operators are continuously challenged by pressures to increase ROI and simultaneously decrease emissions. But is it really possible? New technology released in February from Catalyst Energy Services proves that it is possible. And the results are compelling.

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Intro to VortexPrime

Operators and investors in hydraulic fracturing are under increasing pressure to perform at higher speeds, with lower margins, increased ROI and simultaneously to deliver better ESG. To say that the pressure is monumental is an understatement. The question is: can it be done? And if it can, how?

Permian-based Catalyst Energy Services debuted first-of-its-kind innovation for frac fleet technology this February. Utilizing direct-drive turbine technology powered by natural gas, the military-grade application is delivering stunning results in the field, including the ability to lower total systems costs by double digits, and at the same time, decrease emissions output by up to 40%. Add in the all-in-one smaller size, the ability to power up in minutes versus hours plus impressive safety features and the new VortexPrime™ is something savvy operators must evaluate.

This video provides an overview of Catalyst’s new technology, which when utilized will undoubtedly change the face of frac (as the industry currently knows it), in the months and years to come.