Drilling automation

New Joint Venture Targets Digital Integration for Well Construction

Intellilift and Transocean are working together on a software solution to expedite the well construction process.

Intellilift will benefit from Transocean's global footprint and well construction expertise.

Intellilift has joined forces with deepwater rig contractor Transocean in a joint venture aimed at commercializing products and services based on a digital well construction solution that is currently being developed. The venture, dubbed Inteliwell, is aiming to integrate digital systems for well construction, drilling control, and real-time data monitoring.

The software will interface with the drilling rig’s control system to autonomously execute tasks outlined in the well plan, serving to expedite the well construction process. An integrated real-time monitoring platform will measure downhole progress and evaluate conditions in the well to provide precision-enhancing feedback to the drilling control system.

“Intellilift has already digitized and facilitated increased automation and remote-controlled operations onboard offshore vessels and drilling rigs,” said Preben Liltved, chief executive of Intellilift parent Nekkar ASA. “Through this joint venture with Transocean, Intellilift will benefit from the driller’s global footprint and well construction expertise, accelerating adoption of this rig automation solution.”

Intellilift, which is owned 50.67% by Nekkar, will contribute development resources, licenses for existing software, and other services into the venture, which has been established as a separate legal entity. Capital contributions by Intellilift are currently not contemplated. Intellilift will hold a 33% ownership in the joint venture.

Transocean owns or has partial ownership interests in, and operates, a fleet of 37 mobile offshore drilling units comprising 27 ultradeepwater floaters, and 10 harsh-environment floaters. It is also constructing two ultradeepwater drillships, Atlas and Proteus.