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2023 OTC Recognizes Spotlight on New Technology Award Winners

A total of 15 companies, including seven small businesses, were recognized this year for their breakthrough hardware and software technologies.


The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) today announced the winners of its 2023 Spotlight on New Technology Award. This esteemed honor is given exclusively to OTC exhibitors who are reshaping the offshore energy sector through innovation and developing technologies. This year, 15 technologies, seven of them from small businesses, were selected for their advancements in the industry.

The award recipients are exceptional as they were selected based on the following criteria: product uniqueness, the degree of ingenuity, demonstrated success, commercial viability, and the ability to make a significant impact across the offshore industry.

“At OTC we take pride in recognizing the companies transforming the future of the offshore energy sector. The Spotlight on New Technology Award is one of the many ways we like to show our appreciation. Revolutionizing the field is no easy task. It requires collaboration, intense consistency, and the brightest minds in the industry to drive innovation. This year’s recipients exemplify these efforts and we are proud to acknowledge them”, said Paul Jones, chairperson, OTC Board of Directors.

2023 Spotlight Winners

  • Baker Hughes, producer of REACH wireline-retrievable safety valve
  • Hägglunds, a brand of Bosch Rexroth producer of Atom—the most powerful gearless direct drive
  • Framo AS, producer of Framo Submerged Turbine
  • OSIRenewables, an Oil States enterprise, FTLP Floating Wind Platform
  • Oil States, Active Seat Gate Valve
  • Saipem, producer of FlatFish, a technology originated by Shell Brasil in cooperation with Senai Cimatec
  • SLB and Equinor, producer of Epilogue dual-string barrier evaluation
  • Teledyne Marine, producer of 3 Channel Vertical Optical Feedthrough System

2023 Spotlight Small Business Winners

  • CARBO, producer of CARBOTRACE
  • GOWell, producer of Deformation and Eccentricity Tool (DEC)
  • Oliden Technology, producer of TerraFusion Azimuthal Gamma Ray, Annular Pressure and Ultrasonic Imaging LWD Tool
  • Opla Energy, producer of OplaSmart Software
  • Opla Energy, producer of PMD, Pressure Management Device
  • Valvetight EMT, producer of DBB-SAVER for LNG
  • Well Resolutions Technology, producer of GeoTracker At-bit Propagation Resistivity

OTC has proudly honored small businesses and their contributions to the offshore energy industry since 2014. To qualify for the Small Business Award, companies are required to meet the following criteria: Be independently owned and operated, or registered as a nonprofit organization, and have no more than 300 employees in the 12 months prior to the application deadline.

The 2023 Spotlight on New Technology Award recipients will be honored at this year’s conference on Monday, 1 May, at NRG Center in Houston. For more information about the awards, please visit the OTC’s Spotlight on New Technology Award page.