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Pemex Restores Ku-Maloob-Zaap Area Production Following Fire

The wells that were taken off line as a result of the blaze had been producing 421,000 B/D of oil.

An investigation into the cause of the 22 August fire is ongoing.

Pemex has confirmed the 125 wells that were shut in as a result of the 22 August fire at the E-Ku A2 platform are back on line. The Mexican state oil company said that activities to resume production were carried out without incident to personnel or damage to facilities or the environment.

Prior to the fire, the wells were producing 421,000 B/D of oil. Pemex said due to the event, there was deferred production of 1.6 million B/D of crude.

The blaze killed five workers and injured six others. Two additional workers were also reported missing.

“The activities to resume oil production in this complex of the Campeche Sound were carried out in adherence and compliance with the policy and principles of Safety, Health and Environmental Protection (SSPA),” said the company in a statement. “It is important to mention that the activities developed to restore production in this asset were carried out through the summation of the efforts of PEMEX's operating personnel in conjunction with its service providers.”

The E-Ku-A2 platform is part of the Ku-A process center of the Ku-Maloob-Zaap field cluster in the Mexican Gulf.

The 22 August blaze was preceded by a fire at the Ku-C platform in July, caused by gas leaking from a subsea pipeline escaping to the surface and later ignited by lightning from bad weather in the area.