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Petronas Forms Standalone Clean Energy Company

Gentari aims to develop and deliver conventional renewable energy, hydrogen, and electric vehicle solutions in Asia Pacific and beyond.

Petronas said the new clean energy entity will have independence to focus on delivering and accelerating the growth of solutions.

Malaysia’s Petronas has launched a new company to accelerate the adoption and commercialization of carbon-free energy by delivering a suite of renewable, hydrogen, and green mobility solutions for customers globally. Dubbed Gentari, the wholly owned entity will focus on innovating and delivering clean energy solutions and seeking financing opportunities to grow the business faster to meet existing demands and explore emerging energy technologies.

Petronas said Gentari's goals by 2030 include building a renewable energy capacity of 30–40 GW, specifically in solar with added opportunities in wind and battery storage. Part of this goal includes future offshore wind projects within the Asia Pacific and the EU.

The company will also look to supply up to 1.2 mtpa of hydrogen by developing large projects to achieve scale as a low-carbon hydrogen producer beginning with projects in Malaysia. Gentari will look to partnerships to expand its hydrogen footprint globally.

It also aims aim to become a preferred green mobility solutions provider, supporting the electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem by capturing 10% market share—or around 25,000 charging points—across markets in Asia Pacific with an anchored presence in Malaysia and India.

“Gentari will offer cleaner energy solutions to meet the energy needs and lower-carbon aspirations of Malaysia and its customers at home and abroad,” said Datuk Tengku Muhammad Taufik, chairman of the new entity. “With a dedicated team focusing on the supply, distribution, and retail of cleaner energy, we aim to capture opportunities in the low-carbon energy space by providing affordable and accessible solutions and systems by enabling scale of production and infrastructure availability. Elevating the progress that Petronas has achieved to date under its existing New Energy Business and building on partnerships with next-generation energy and technology providers, Gentari will benefit from the immediate capacity and resources to pursue clean energy at an industrial scale, starting with Malaysia and Asia Pacific.”

Gentari takes its name from the shortened combination of the English word "generation" or "to generate" and the Bahasa Melayu word "lestari," which means "sustainable."

Today, Gentari's assets include more than 1 GW of solar capacity in India and Malaysia; a pipeline of clean hydrogen projects being developed in Malaysia and other prioritized markets together with partners; more than 220 EVs under the vehicle-as-a-service model; and scaling the existing network of some 170 charge points in India and Malaysia.

The first of the company’s clean hydrogen projects is targeted to come on-stream in 2025.