Podcast: Discussion on COVID-19 With Johana Dunlop

An expert panel moderated by Johana Dunlop, SPE technical director for HSE and sustainability, covers a wide range of issues facing the double crisis of COVID-19 and historically low crude prices.

COVID-19 has brought the world to a juddering halt and as of today has resulted in half the world’s population subjected to mandated measures restricting their movements from home. The oil and gas industry, with operations around the world, kicked into crisis management mode, recognizing that the early signs of virus transmission were likely characteristic of an emerging epidemic, or worse. In many ways, the industry was ahead of the risk management curve with its experience, competency, access to data, and capacity to share.

Our live recording, moderated by Johana Dunlop, SPE Technical Director of HSE & Sustainability, brings together four industry experts who each speak to a particular aspect of how the industry is managing this double crisis and how it is affecting the individuals whose skills deliver energy to the world.

Francesca Viliani, Director of Public Health and Co-Head of Sustainability, International SOS

Fredrik Jervell, Leading Advisor Medical Services, Equinor

Mark Scanlon, Head of HSE Good Practice, Energy Institute

Rium Johnson, Chief HSSE Officer, NOV

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