Project Tool Allows for Continuous Improvements to Business Processes

The complete paper outlines adaptations of the SPE Petroleum Resources Management System to a company’s business processes.

Impact of PRMS implementation to reserves and resources status
Impact of PRMS implementation to reserves and resources status

To obtain standardized reserves and resources management of geographically diverse assets, Pertamina has launched a company guideline influenced by the SPE Petroleum Resources Management System (PRMS). A tool called the Project Box enables reserves analysts to map all projects, evaluate portfolios, and monitor progress of the project in the development and exploration phases. Furthermore, in line with a digitalization campaign, the Project Box, all reserves and resources data, and other strategic information are stored and maintained by in‑house software.


As an Indonesian state-owned energy company, Pertamina has managed more than 800 structures in Indonesia and overseas. In terms of structures, most of the company’s assets are associated with two islands, Sumatra and Java, which collectively contribute more than 75% of these assets. However, in terms of petroleum initial in place (PIIP), the island of Kalimantan is more significant.

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