Unconventional/complex reservoirs

SAGD Trial in Omani Heavy Oil Field Overcomes Suboptimal Conditions

This paper describes the potential, challenges, and opportunities of using a modified steam-assisted gravity drainage configuration in the Mukhaizna heavy oil field in suboptimal operating conditions.

Pilot area location with hydrocarbon pore thickness.
Fig. 1—Pilot area location with hydrocarbon pore thickness.

Mukhaizna is a heavy oil field in southern Oman. It is a multistacked reservoir that has been producing under steamflood since 2007. The main sandstone reservoirs were developed using horizontal producers in each target zone supported by vertical injectors. Although most of the patterns are thermally mature, a few areas still are awaiting steamflood response. To mature these areas, a steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) pilot was evaluated, customized, and implemented using existing patterns and well configurations.

Mukhaizna Field

The Mukhaizna heavy oil field contains viscous, low-gravity (14–18 °API) crude oil in the shallow Permian-age sands of the Gharif formation.

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