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Saipem Wins Contract for Baltic Sea Natural Gas Pipeline

The natural gas pipeline is co-financed by the EU, with work beginning immediately.

Globe showing location of Baltic Sea
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Saipem UK subsidiary was awarded a $303.4-million contract by GAZ-SYSTEM SA for the transportation and installation of a natural gas pipeline between Denmark and Poland in the Baltic Sea.

The Baltic Pipe Project is a project developed by a joint venture between GAZ-SYSTEM and, co-financed by the European Union to create an inter-European gas corridor that will supply gas directly from Norway to markets in Poland, Denmark, and neighboring countries.

The contract comprises the construction of approximately 16.8 miles of concrete-coated pipeline between Denmark and Poland in a water depth between 4 and 57 m to be carried out by Saipem S-lay vessels. This includes microtunneling and civil works activities in Denmark and Poland, extensive rock-dumping, and pre- and post-lay trenching and backfilling activities, which will begin immediately.