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Reservoir Surveillance

New Fracture Diagnostic Tool for Unconventionals: High-Resolution Distributed Strain Sensing by Rayleigh Frequency Shift During Production in Hydraulic Fracture Test 2

Maximizing Hydrocarbon Recovery and Water-Injection Support Through Pattern Reviews Between Injector Producer Pairs in a Large, Complex, and Faulted Brownfield in SE Asia

Application of Stratigraphic Forward Modeling to Carbonate Reservoir Characterization: A New Paradigm From the Albion R&D Project

Field Development

Benchmarking and Field-Testing of the Distributed Quasi-Newton Derivative-Free Optimization Method for Field Development Optimization

Conceptual Field Development Plan for X Field

No Reservoir Model? No Problem. Unconventional Well Spacing Optimization With Simple Tools

Oilfield Chemistry:

A Fast and Accurate Method for Scale-Inhibitor Effective Concentration Measurement With Low Detection Limit

The Impact of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid on the Near-Wellbore Shale Region Involving Interactions With Steel, Cement, and Shale

Delaware Basin Formational Solid Deposit Trends: A Data-Driven Look at Developing Proactive Chemical Treatment Strategies.

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