JPT September 2022 Issue

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An 80-acre produced water recycling and disposal well facility in the Permian Basin that is capable of processing 250,000 B/D of produced water. Source: Breakwater Energy Partners.

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Monthly Features
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Case Study
Case Study
SPE News
Reservoir Surveillance
  • The papers highlighted in this month’s feature apply forward stratigraphic modeling to improve geological models, classical reservoir engineering techniques to understand interwell connectivity in order to optimize waterflooding operations, and exciting new fiber-optic technology to characterize the performance of individual hydraulic fractures in unconventionals.
Field Development
  • In this month’s Field Development feature, SPE conference authors place an emphasis not only on original research and findings but also on validation and refinement of existing techniques that may not have received thorough attention in the literature.
Offshore Facilities
  • Today, oil and gas are still important energy providers. They will remain with us throughout this century, but, like the coal industry, they will decline, not because we will run out, but mankind will learn to harvest cleaner energy more favorable to the wellbeing of us all. In the meantime, I do hope that we are not so quick to rid ourselves of the impressive industr…
Oilfield Chemistry
  • The selected papers represent sophisticated work around the phenomena of scale and precipitation that can have dramatic effects on productivity, specifically in shale and tight completions. These papers include comprehensive work flows to analyze recovered samples as well as improved methods to analyze the concentration of scale inhibitor in produced water with enhanc…

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