SLB, Eni Form Pipeline-Monitoring Alliance

The venture will deploy Eni's real-time, pipeline-integrity monitoring system.

Vibroacoustic stations and a central processing unit allow the system to monitor hundreds of kilometers of pipeline against intrusions and spillages

SLB and Eni, through its subsidiary Enivibes, have formed an alliance to deploy e-vpms (Eni Vibroacoustic Pipeline Monitoring System) technology, a vibroacoustic wave-detection system providing real-time analysis, monitoring, and leak detection for pipelines around the world.

Enivibes will bring the proprietary pipeline-integrity technology to the global market through SLB’s digital expertise and operations in more than 100 countries. The technology can be retrofitted to any pipeline, regardless of age, providing immediate integrity data essential for maintaining a network’s reliable operation.

E-vpms is currently installed on several fluid transport lines in Italy and abroad, reducing break-in attempts and enabling targeted preventive maintenance.

Through a limited set of vibroacoustic stations and a central processing unit, the system can monitor hundreds of kilometers of pipeline against intrusions, spillages, and impacts. When an intrusion threat or spillage occurs, the generated waves propagate for kilometers within the pipelines and are recorded by the e-vpms stations.

“The e-vpms technology will equip operators with the ability to extract real-time data from even their oldest assets,” said Ziad Jeha, business line director, midstream production systems, SLB. “Operators will be able to receive reliable and specific real-time information, allowing for focused and timely responses, especially in instances of an environmental nature.”

The alliance covers the deployment of e-vpms technology for pipelines transporting liquid hydrocarbons and produced water and enables the detection of product loss attributable to external events such as attempted product theft or accidental impact, corrosion-related leak events, and land movement events caused by earthquakes or landslides.

Enivibes was the first venture established in March 2023 as part of the activities of Eniverse, the corporate venture builder that enhances the value of Eni's proprietary technology through the identification, creation and development of high-potential startups that explore new markets, promoting just transition and creating short/medium-term value. The subsidiary is owned 76% by Eni, Aresys (16%), and Solgeo (8%).

Enivibes was a key step in Eni’s goal of launching five new startups by 2025, by leveraging the portfolio of technologies, internal skills, and assets of the company.