Sour-Service Risers and Accessories for HP/HT Application in the Gulf of Mexico

High-strength, sour-service-grade carbon steel has been developed with outer diameter up to 23 in. and wall thickness up to 2.5 in. using a robust manufacturing process.

heat-treatment equipment

As oil and gas development in the Gulf of Mexico increasingly requires high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) applications, the need for sour-service (SS) resistance also has grown. To meet these needs, continual innovation and improvement is needed in SS-grade materials from a technical and cost-effectiveness perspective. The complete paper discusses the material properties achieved with several large-diameter, heavy-wall SS pipes. The complete paper presents a detailed, illustrated discussion of the applications for the high-strength SS pipe and its manufacturing process.


The authors write that improved materials to meet HP/HT requirements such as those in the Gulf of Mexico are needed particularly for two applications: for risers, which require high-strength, thick-wall sour service; and as a substitute for corrosion-resistant alloy (CRA) with sour carbon material on defined accessories.

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