Carbon capture and storage

SPE Live: What Lies Ahead for the Future of CCUS

Carbon capture, utilization, and storage can play a role in attaining net zero emissions, helping the planet achieve climate goals, and increase oil and gas production at the same time.

SPE Live: What Lies Ahead for the Future of CCUS?

Panelists from the United States and the United Arab Emirates explore the latest technology advancements in CCUS and look to the future global opportunities of CCUS.


-Tim Barckholtz
Senior Scientific Advisor, Corporate Strategic Research, ExxonMobil

-Lourdes Vega
Director, Research and Innovation Center on CO2 and H2 (RICH Center), Professor, Chemical Engineering Department, Khalifa University

The conversation is moderated by Trent Jacobs, Digital Editor, Journal of Petroleum Technology

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