Enhanced recovery

SPE Talks To: Mathias Carlsen

In this episode, we discuss the state of shale EOR in the US and what hydrocarbon producers need to know about seperator oil shrinkage.


Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) for shale developments has been one of the hottest topics in the technical arena for several years. In this episode, host Trent Jacobs talks to Mathias Carlsen, a petroleum engineering consultant and general manager for PVT specialist Whitson, about the true state of shale EOR, where it is and where it might be going. Carlsen also discusses a little known issue of “separator oil shrinkage” which can be a big issue for shale producers if not accounted for.

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Tech Papers Mentioned In This Episode: 

OnePetro: Compositional Tracking of a Huff-n-Puff Project in the Eagle Ford

OnePetro: Quantifying Separator Oil Shrinkage

OnePetro: Compositional Tracking: Predicting Wellstream Compositions in Tight Unconventionals

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