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SPE Technical Papers Available for Download — December 2022–January 2023

SPE technical papers synopsized in each monthly issue of JPT are available for free download for SPE members for 2 months. These December and January papers are available now.

Offshore oil platform, jackpumps
Oil platform on sea.
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December 2022

(available here through 31 January)

Reserves Management

Reserves and Resources Management: A Continuous Improvement of the Business Processes

Geothermal Production From Existing Oil and Gas Wells: A Sustainable Repurposing Model

Is Australia Prepared for the Decommissioning Challenge? A Regulator’s Perspective

Production and Facilities

Multiphase Flow in Circular and Triangular Pipes: Examining Flow Characteristics, Sand Erosion and Heat Transfer Via CFD and Experimental Work

Using an Adjustable Cone Meter To Measure Wet Gas

No More Inefficient Crude Desalting: Breaking Bottlenecks With Dual Frequency Technology Lowering Total Cost of Ownership

Bits and Bottomhole Assemblies

Drilling System Optimization Leads to Expedited Wells Delivery

Mitigating Twist-Offs While Drilling With the Help of BHA Dynamics Software

Drilling in the Digital Age: Machine-Learning-Assisted Bit Selection and Optimization

Water Management

Integrated Approach for Formation-Water-Salinity Determination

Optimizing Oilfield Net Present Value With Produced Water Salinities and Tracers

Locating Source of Water Production and Performing Cost-Effective Rigless Remedial Operations in Deviated Wells Completed With Standalone Sand Screens


(available here through 28 February)

EOR Modeling

Surfactant Enhanced Oil Recovery From Tight Carbonates: Core-Scale Experiments to Reservoir-Scale Modeling

Smart-Water-Based Synergistic Technologies: A Next-Recovery Frontier for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Closing the Loop on a History Match for a Permian EOR Field Using Relative Permeability Data Uncertainty

Mature Fields and Well Revitalization

Importance of Three-Way Coupled Modeling for Carbon Dioxide Sequestration in a Depleted Reservoir

Optimizing Geothermal Heat Extraction From End-of-Life Oil and Gas Wells Using a Transient Multiphase Flow Simulator

Well Integrity

Wellbore Integrity Impact on Carbon Leakage to Ensure Safe Geological Sequestration

Scrutinizing Well Integrity for Determining Long-Term Fate of a CO2 Sequestration Project: An Improved and Rigorous Risk-Assessment Strategy

The Digitally Transformative U-WISE Software Technology

Digital Data Acquisition

Study and Implementation of the Large Amount of Data Divided-Time Transmission System Using Microchip-Storage-Ball Release While Drilling

Real-Time Fiber Optics: A Door Opener for the Wellbore Environment