Study Describes Challenges, Opportunities of CO2 EOR in China

This paper discusses the challenges presented by factors such as infrastructure, types of primary energy, and investment.

Oil pumps working under the sky
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One of the most attractive carbon capture, usage, and storage (CCUS) applications in China is that of carbon dioxide (CO2) enhanced oil recovery with captured CO2 (CCS EOR). CO2 EOR with captured CO2 presents an important path for China. The complete paper reviews the progress of CCUS technology in China. The current challenges of CCS EOR include high capture costs, small scale, low incremental oil recovery, and huge capital input. The costs can be significantly reduced when the scale is enlarged to the commercial level and transportation costs are further reduced by pipelines or trains.

Importance of CCUS

At the time of writing, 49 CCUS pilots or field tests had been conducted or were under construction in China.

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