Artificial lift

Study Explores Design, Potential of Electric Submersible Generators

This paper explores electrical submersible generator design considerations, theoretical underpinnings, and potential future applications.

Cable-protector design modifications.
Fig. 1—Cable-protector design modifications.
Source: SPE 214361.

The electrical submersible generator (ESG) is a modern interpretation of an old idea. The ESG can generate electricity to meet surface power needs or feed directly into the grid to create a revenue stream under the proper injection conditions. In typical configurations, a standard centrifugal pump is used in combination with an induction motor operated in such a way for the mechanical work of the pump to be converted into electrical energy. The complete paper explores ESG design considerations, theoretical underpinnings, and potential applications.

What Is an ESG?

A generic geothermal power plant typically consists of production wells that can be either artesian or artificially lifted.

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