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Study Explores Retrofitting Abandoned Petroleum Wells for Geothermal Production

This paper discusses and evaluates retrofitting abandoned petroleum wells for geothermal applications as a commonly proposed solution to meet the challenge of the capital expenditure required for drilling and completion.

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The complete paper presents a comprehensive overview and analysis of 20 global case studies in which abandoned petroleum wells were retrofit for geothermal applications, followed by important downhole and surface parameters. Good potential exists for producing geothermal energy from abandoned and nonactivated petroleum wells.


In retrofitted geothermal projects, the bottomhole temperatures are usually much lower than conventional geothermal wells. Given the low temperatures of these projects, optimization should be achieved in all respects.

While the complete paper details the effect of the concepts investigated by the authors in the 20 case studies, this synopsis mainly offers a higher-level summary of these concepts rather than a discussion of the case studies themselves.


All case studies mentioned in the complete paper are simulation works except for one. Table 1 of the complete paper lists general information including the regional locations and investigators of these case studies, while Table 2 of the complete paper provides comprehensive design and production information about the cases provided.

Downhole Completion and Production.

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