Reservoir characterization

Study Reviews Two Decades of Surveillance Using Distributed Acoustic Sensing

This paper presents a comprehensive technical review of applications of distributed acoustic sensing.

Multi-mode and single-mode fiber.
Multi-mode and single-mode fiber.

Distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) through fiber optics has been deployed in downhole monitoring for over 2 decades. The complete paper reviews the basics of DAS, fiber types, installation methods, types of recorded data, data processing, historical development, current applications, and limitations of the technology, providing a concise review using several field cases from more than 200 published SPE papers and journal databases. Because this synopsis cannot retain these many paper references or their overview, readers are encouraged to access the complete paper on OnePetro.

DAS Fundamentals

DAS Units. DAS systems consist of an interrogator that includes a laser transmitter and detector, a processing unit, and a distributed sensing fiber. Laser pulses are sent periodically into the fiber that is installed in the medium.

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