Talos’ Bulleit Reservoir in US Gulf Smaller Than Expected

The Green Canyon Block 21 well has underperformed flow expectations since commencing production.

Green Canyon Block 18 platform.
Green Canyon Block 18 platform.

A technical assessment of the main producing sand performance at Talos Energy’s Green Canyon Block 21 Bulleit field in the US Gulf has indicated a smaller reservoir than originally anticipated. Project partner Otto Energy said the assessment included detailed bottomhole pressure and reservoir performance data collected after hookup and first production. The Block 21 field is flowing via a single subsea well tied back to a platform in nearby Green Canyon Block 18.

While additional technical work is ongoing, the currently favored path forward is to move away from the current sand and execute a recompletion of the well in the shallower DTR-10 sand. A DTR-10 recompletion will require the procurement of long-lead items from manufacturers, which are expected to cost $3.5 million with payment expected in mid-2021.

The recompletion is expected to begin in mid-2022, with production from the DTR-10 immediately following in mid-to late 2022.