Emission management

Texas Trade Association Seeks To Reduce Incidence of Flaring

Recommendations include changes to current forms and reports used to track flaring.

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An alliance of oil and natural gas trade associations and more than 40 energy companies have recommended ways to equip operators with the tools to reduce flaring and emissions. The Texas Methane and Flaring Coalition report Flaring Recommendations and Best Practices also includes a matrix which identifies situations when flaring is necessary and provides recommendations for the application of Statewide Rule 32 (SWR 32) that will yield flaring reductions.

The coalition outlined enhancements in a proposed data sheet, which promotes streamlined, concise, and consistent reporting among operators. A proposed Subsequent Report serves as a follow up to the data sheet with actual volumes and durations for administratively permitted flare events.

An update to the current Production Report Form enables operators to account for flared and vented gas dispositions separately.

The report also describes the ongoing work of the coalition to institute best practices leading to additional reductions in flaring in Texas.

The full report can be found here.