Emission management

Air Quality Monitoring Company Merges With Certification Firm

International Environmental Standards, the new company created by the merger of Project Canary and Independent Energy Standards, will combine continuous emissions-monitoring technology with TrustWell certification to create a provider of independent environmental, social, and governance performance.

Emission monitoring equipment near a plant location

Project Canary, a provider of continuous emissions monitoring for the oil and gas industry, announced it has joined forces with Independent Energy Standards (IES). IES is the developer of the TrustWell certification, the brand mark for the responsibly sourced gas (RSG) market. The new entity will be a public-benefit corporation, enabling it to combine the best of the for-profit and for-purpose models.

The new company, International Environmental Standards, combines the Project Canary continuous-monitoring data and the TrustWell certification to offer the industry an RSG solution and a comprehensive environmental data platform for showing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance.

“We’ve worked very closely with both companies and have seen firsthand why they are both industry leaders,” said Howard Dieter, vice president for environmental, health, safety, and regulatory at Jonah Energy. “This combined powerhouse will offer best-in-class data-driven ESG calculations and trusted independent data for responsibly produced gas certifications. Utilities, regulators, and capital markets are seeking trusted, independent 24/7 data.”

The Project Canary solution provides an advancement in RSG by capturing and storing environmental data in near real-time, including air emissions data, on its cloud-based platform. This technology will provide TrustWell RSG buyers with an objective validation of emissions performance—one of several metrics used to certify the conditions under which the gas was produced. TrustWell evaluates a wide range of effects and risks, with a focus on four overarching categories: water, air, land, and community. The ultimate output is a TrustWell rating that is tied to the gas produced.

“Certified RSG from International Environmental Standards offers the oil and gas industry, utilities, power generators, natural gas distribution companies, and pipeline operators a market-based opportunity to differentiate their commodity in a meaningful way, receive a premium price, and preserve the role of natural gas as a bridge fuel to a carbon-neutral economy,” said Project Canary Chief Executive Officer Chris Romer.

The continuous emissions monitoring technology deployed by Project Canary uses sensors located at the fence line of well sites and production facilities to monitor and report emissions data. Timely alerts of emissions events help operators locate and remediate fugitive emissions quickly.