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Baker Hughes Delivers Its Largest Remote Operations Effort With Aramco

The digital project is designed to deliver data management and insight across Aramco’s entire drilling fleet, making it the largest deployment in Baker Hughes’ history.

Aramco Rigs in the Hasbah Field.jpg
Rigs work in the Hasbah field, approximately 150 km northeast of Jubail Industrial City on the Arabian Gulf.
Credit: Saudi Aramco.

Baker Hughes announced it has deployed its industry-leading remote operations digital technology across Aramco’s drilling operations, encompassing more than 200 sites, the largest deployment of its kind in Baker Hughes’ history.

Building upon Aramco’s existing data-management infrastructure and capabilities, the project involves data aggregation from the edge; real-time, unified data streaming and visualization; data management; software-development services; rig-site digital engineers; and monitoring personnel.

“This remote operations deployment, the largest in Baker Hughes’ history, is a strong example of how we are investing for growth with customers who are driving digital transformation at a rapid pace, such as Aramco,” said Maria Claudia Borras, executive vice president of oilfield services at Baker Hughes. “We will continue to expand our upstream digital capabilities to transform core operations, improve efficiency and reduce emissions.”

Baker Hughes’ technology, delivered through the WellLink solution, includes the following benefits that build on Aramco’s current digital capabilities:

  • Remote monitoring personnel receive faster, higher-quality, standardized, real-time data, enabling enhanced well monitoring and management.
  • Field-based personnel have access to a unified view of wellsite operations from all providers on location, enabling effective and proactive mitigation of drilling hazards.
  • Office-based personnel have easy access to current and historical well data for quick visualization and benchmarking, enabling proactive operations management with a direct line to the wellsite.

By connecting all drilling sites, Aramco enhances its view of its drilling operations in real time. Following the contract award to Baker Hughes in 2020, the combined teams worked in close collaboration and deployed the technology 50% faster than originally planned, despite working under pandemic conditions. Baker Hughes teams conducted more than 400 onshore and offshore trips across 350,000 km to install rig-site edge devices and integrate data streaming, monitoring, and visualization capabilities into Aramco’s existing digital infrastructure.

To support the needs of more than 2,000 end users and continuous drilling operations, Baker Hughes and Aramco established a dedicated center staffed by a multidisciplinary team of software engineers, data professionals, and field service technicians. As part of Baker Hughes’ localization strategy, the team is staffed with 90% Saudi nationals who are being cross-trained on essential digital competencies in data operations.