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Baker Hughes Unveils New Software for Intelligent Operations

The company revealed programs for managing production and industrial asset performance. It also announced a collaboration aimed at enhancing rig visualization.

Source: Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes introduced two pieces of software at its annual meeting and announced a new collaboration. The two new programs focus on improving efficiency and performance while reducing emissions, while the collaboration focuses on rig visualization.

“Digital is redefining the limits of how the energy and industrial sectors can increase efficiency, operate predictably and ensure lower emissions in a sustainable manner,” said Lorenzo Simonelli, chairman and CEO of Baker Hughes. “We have long recognized digital is a critical capability in taking energy forward and leading in the energy transition, and we are continuing to invest and innovate for our customers.”

Baker Hughes’ Leucipa is a public and private cloud-based automated field production software platform designed to help oil and gas operators manage production and reduce carbon emissions. The software focuses first on the specific outcome an operator wants to achieve, using data to drive intelligent operations.

A significant number of oil and gas production activities are still conducted manually, leading to inefficiencies, unnecessary costs, and lost production. Baker Hughes said that Leucipa will eliminate much of that inefficiency by automating production processes, ensuring more environmentally sound operations and enabling customers to recover the millions of barrels that would have otherwise remained in the ground.

Pan American Energy Corp., an energy company in Argentina, has agreed to be the launch customer of Leucipa. Leucipa is expected to be released to the global market by mid-2023.

Baker Hughes’ other offering, Cordant, is an integrated software suite that supports industrial asset performance management and process optimization. Cordant combines existing digital offerings for hardware, software, and services capabilities into an integrated and simplified user interface.

In addition, Baker Hughes announced it is collaborating with Houston-based digital analytics firm Corva on well construction digital offerings to enhance rig visualization and decision making. The collaboration aims to create a digital accelerator for improved efficiency in rig operations.