Unconventional/complex reservoirs

China Field Test of Dissolvable Collet Demonstrates Time and Cost Savings

A dissolvable collet field tested in an unconventional completion led to an average running time of 32 minutes per stage in a vertical section and 19 minutes per stage in the horizontal section.

dissolvable collet
Fig. 1—The dissolvable collet can withstand high and low temperatures (100–350°F) and has a pressure rating of 10,000 psi.

Over the past few years, dissolvable frac plugs have been effective in addressing unconventional completion challenges by reducing the need for intervention and decreasing overall completion time and cost. However, the majority of dissolvable frac plugs on the market are made up of complex components, which increase their likelihood of failing when run in hole, during stimulation, or not fully dissolving before cleanout. This has resulted in skepticism and challenges with the older generation of dissolvable plugs.

To address these issues, Vertechs introduced a new dissolvable collet that can withstand high and low temperatures (100–350°F), has a pressure rating of 10,000 psi, and is less than 2.5 in. in length (Fig.

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