CNOOC Strikes Oil at Bozhong 26-6 in Bohai Sea

South Bohai Sea find offers up light crude bounty.


CNOOC Limited made a significant oil discovery at its Bozhong 26-6 prospect in Bohai Sea. According to the company, the find adds a hundred million tons of reserves.

“Bozhong 26-6 oil field is the third oilfield discovery with hundred million tons of reserves in southern Bohai Sea after Kenli 6-1 and Kenli 10-2,” said Xu Changgui, deputy chief exploration engineer of the company. “It is identified as the largest metamorphic buried-hill oil field in China. The discovery demonstrates the broad prospect of exploration for subtle buried hills in the Bohai Sea, providing important guidance for exploration in similar basins.”

The discovery well BZ26-6-2 was drilled and completed at a depth of 4480 m, which encountered a total of 321.3 m oil pay zones. The well was tested to produce an average of approximately 2,040 B/D of oil and 11.45 MMcf/D of natural gas.

Bozhong 26-6 oil field is in the south of the Bohai Sea, with an average water depth of 22 m. The main oil-bearing play is Archean buried-hill and the oil property is light crude.