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DarkVision Technologies Wins ICoTA Well Intervention Technology Award

A high-resolution acoustic downhole evaluation system nabs top award for 2023.

DarkVision's Greer Simpson and the 2023 Well Intervention Technology Award
Source: DarkVision Technology

DarkVision Technologies’ HADES-T platform won the 2023 Well Intervention Technology Award at the annual SPE/ICoTA Well Intervention Conference and Exhibition held 21–23 March in The Woodlands, Texas.

The platform is the Vancouver-based data infrastructure and analytics technology company’s high-resolution acoustic downhole evaluation system. It is used to acquire detailed downhole images of perforations, connections, casing damage, flow-control devices, wellheads, wellbore trajectories, wall thickness, and wellbore restrictions.

For well integrity applications, the system is used to identify and quantify corrosion, wall loss defects with high coverage and accuracy, according to the company. This product is changing the way operators are managing the integrity of critical strategic and long-life assets for enhanced oil recovery, carbon sequestration, exotic casing metallurgy, and gas storage applications.

The system uses high-density solid-state arrays to convert programmable electronic pulses into acoustic waves. The acoustic waves are steered and focused using proprietary imaging modes, resulting in cohesive wavefronts that reflect off the ID and OD of the casing, said Greer Simpson et al. (SPE 212908).

Simpson, a product manager for DarkVision, noted in the SPE/ICoTA Well Intervention Conference paper that the timing and intensity of the returning waves generate high front-end tool data rates of up to 41 gigabits/second.

With up to 512 individual transducers, the system can capture full circumferential scans using proprietary imaging modes, and its ability to capture dimensionally accurate 3D data removes the requirement for subjective interpretations of measurements.

The system is being used in every major conventional and unconventional basin in North America, with more than 206,800 well perforations imaged and more than 1.2 billion acoustic images captured, according to the company.