Offshore wind

DNV Joins Wind Project Offshore Taiwan as Owner’s Engineer

The expansion of the Changhau wind project is part of Taiwan’s ambitious plans to bring the country’s overall capacity to 15.5 GW in 2035.

A turbine is installed at Taiwan's Changhau Phase I offshore wind power project.
Source: Jan De Nul.

DNV has been awarded a $17.7 million contract to be the owner’s engineer for Taipower Offshore Wind Project Phase II (Changhua Phase II) in Taiwan. The work scope is expected to run through most of 2025 and include project engineering review support and marine coordination during wind farm construction. DNV will also provide design review as well as fabrication and construction assurance through the life of the project. The deal is the largest offshore engineering project for the power and renewables side of DNV.

Changhua Phase II was one of the 11 offshore wind projects selected by the Taiwanese government in April 2018 to be developed by 2025. Taipower is currently developing the 109.2-MW Changhua Phase I wind farm, which is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Phase II consists of 31 9.5-MW offshore wind turbines. Detailed design of the Phase II is due this year, with the wind farm scheduled to be online by autumn 2025. The Changhua wind project is located in the Taiwan Strait, which runs between the island and continental Asia.

“This win is a great example of why we decided to merge the expertise of DNV’s energy and oil and gas organizations,” said Brice Le Gallo, regional director for Asian Pacific energy systems at DNV. “It makes us uniquely positioned to support both offshore project engineering activities and marine coordination work, thereby ensuring smooth project implementation.”

In December, Teras Offshore was tapped for the transportation and installation of the Changhua Phase II wind turbines. The $83.4-million pact was awarded by Foxwell, an affiliate company of Shinfox Corporation, which won the tender from Taipower to develop the project last June.

Taiwan aims to generate 20% of its electricity from renewables by 2025. By then, 5.7 GW of installed capacity is scheduled to be available from offshore wind farms, including Changhua Phase I and II. The government wants another 10 GW of offshore wind installed between 2026 and 2036.