Well intervention

Halliburton Launches New Fiber-Based Downhole Monitoring System

ExpressFiber is a single-use system that uses disposable-fiber technology.

Halliburton's new ExpressFiber uses a fiber-based tool from Aberdeen-based Well-Sense.
Credit: Halliburton.

Halliburton has introduced ExpressFiber, a single-use fiber-optic cable designed to offer accurate, direct subsurface measurements, including cross-well communication. Through an exclusive 5-year agreement for North America unconventionals, ExpressFiber will be enabled by FiberLine Intervention (FLI), a wellbore-surveying technique from UK-based Well-Sense Technology Ltd.

ExpressFiber uses distributed acoustic sensing to acquire a direct measurement of microseismic, strain, and temperature, unlike other cross-well monitoring techniques that provide indirect estimates. When paired with the contractor’s intelligent fracturing and subsurface monitoring services, it provides real-time insights of fracture growth and well interference.

“When it comes to direct measurement of the subsurface, fiber is the most direct and trusted sensor of choice, but traditionally it has been expensive and complex to install,” said Michael Segura, vice president of production enhancement at Halliburton. “Our innovative fiber portfolio transforms fracture monitoring from an application reserved for science wells to a routine solution for regular use on more wells across your asset.”

ExpressFiber is the most economic fiber solution for routine cross-well monitoring, according to Halliburton. It can be pumped downhole in offset wells within a couple of hours with little to no effect on operations. This single-use fiber can be installed any time before or during the fracturing operation. It is designed to withstand downhole conditions for the duration of the stimulation treatment before degrading and has no effect on subsequent fracturing operations in offset wellbores.