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Hiber Debuts Satellite-Powered Pipeline Monitoring

Hiber has announced a new service for oil and gas operators looking to upgrade their field assets through digital surveillance. The company’s new HiberHilo wired-to-wireless converter turns analog well and pipeline data into wireless signals.

Source: Hiber

Hiber, a provider of Internet of Things as a service for the oil and gas sector, has expanded the capabilities of its HiberHilo platform to transform remote pipelines into continuous digital streams of operational data. Hiber says its HiberHilo pipeline monitoring allows for constant monitoring of even the most remote pipelines to reduce risk, increase uptime, and lower operational and maintenance costs.

“Our oil and gas customers have been extremely satisfied with the capabilities of HiberHilo on wellheads and challenged us to deliver a more comprehensive network view of their extraction and distribution operations—especially those situated in remote areas where it’s economically unfeasible to implement an over-the-air digital connection,” said Hiber CEO Roel Jansen.

Pipelines present potentially enormous environmental and reputational risk to oil and gas operators, but monitoring them has been expensive. For example, pigging a pipeline is important for maintenance and to optimize flow, but it is costly. By monitoring the pressure, flow, or temperature of a pipeline and its contents at strategic points, the HiberHilo platform helps optimize the operation of pipelines. This is especially valuable for pipelines in gathering networks or remote parts of transmission networks.

“With HiberHilo’s new, expanded capabilities, we can deliver reliable monitoring services to remote pipelines at a breakthrough price. This means operators gain access to efficient and economical operation of more of their pipelines, enabling higher throughput, improved pipeline integrity and safety across more of their pipeline networks—while meeting risk-management and sustainability goals,” Jansen said.

Designed to be simple and powerful, HiberHilo’s extended feature for pipelines allows for monitoring of pressure, temperature, flow, and cathodic protection so operational teams can quickly identify and respond to unexpected deviations from normal parameters and schedule maintenance.