IOGP Releases New Land Transportation Safety Reports

The International Association of Oil and Gas Producers has released three new reports in its series of land transportation recommended practices.


Driving-related incidents historically have been the largest cause of fatalities in company operations. The International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) has created a series of land transportation recommended practices with the goal of propagating a sustainable reduction in driving-related injuries and fatalities in the oil and gas industry. Now, the association has released three new reports in the series.

IOGP Report 365: Land Transportation Safety Recommended Practice

Report 365 is the keystone document of the recommended practice series. This update brings it to its fourth edition and aligns it with the Life-Saving Rules and Project Safira recommendations, such as the use of light vehicles rated five stars by the New Car Assessment Program. This report provides

  • A summary table of the 12 Land Transportation Safety Elements with icons and detailed guidance to assist oil and gas companies in implementation
  • Detailed vehicle specifications based on type of vehicle used
  • Practical guidance on driver training
  • Key performance indicators for motor vehicle crashes
  • Guidance on establishing the elements of a land transportation management system within the framework of IOGP Report 510

Find Report 365 here.

IOGP Report 365-19: Land Transportation Safety Recommended Practice—Journey Management

Journey management is a process used by organizations to ensure their travelling workforce is safe before, during, and after travel. A systematic, detailed approach to journey planning is essential, especially when operating in high- or elevated-threat environments. Report 365-19 offers guidance on designing a detailed and systematic journey-management process.

Find Report 365-19 here.

IOGP Report 365-20R: Journey Management—Secure Ground Transportation in High Threat Environments

This report is aimed at security professionals and offers guidance on mitigating physical security threats during travel in locales with elevated security risks. It is a security-focused supplement to IOGP Report 365-19.

Report 365-20 is restricted to IOGP members and can be accessed through the members’ area.