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These are the papers synopsized in JPT this month. They are available to SPE members only through 31 July 2021. There are also links to them at the bottom of each related synopsis.

Coiled Tubing

Development of Low-Force Shear Blades for High-Strength Coiled Tubing

A Review of 25 Coiled Tubing Well Interventions: Customized Solutions for Bolivian Sub-Andean Basin

Avoiding Erosion: Best Practices for Coiled Tubing Annular Frac Operations


The Role of Backpressure and Perforation-Hole Erosion on the Magnitude of the Coefficient of Discharge in Hydraulic Fracturing Stimulation

Successful Mitigation of Fracture Hits in High-Pressure Stimulation Using Bottomhole Gauges and an Optimized Engineering Design, Offshore Black Sea

Combination of Radial Drilling Technology With Acid Jetting: New Approach in Carbonate Reservoir Stimulation

Hydraulic Fracturing Operations

Reducing the Volume of Water Needed for Hydraulic Fracturing by Employing Natural Gas Foamed Stimulation Fluid

First Multistage Fracturing of Horizontal Well Drilled in Conventional Tight Carbonate Reservoir in an Onshore Field in the UAE: Challenges and Lessons Learned

A Pilot-Scale Evaluation of Natural-Gas-Based Foam at Elevated Pressure and Temperature Conditions

EOR Operations

CO2-EOR and Storage Potentials in Depleted Reservoirs in the Norwegian Continental Shelf NCS

A Case Study of SACROC CO2 Flooding in Marginal Pay Regions: Improving Asset Performance

Joint Optimization of Well Completions and Controls for CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery and Storage.

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