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Multiannuli Solution Uses Intelligent Pipe for Real-Time Monitoring

The authors of this paper describe the development of a continuous monitoring solution throughout its deployment.

Fig. 1—Sensor elements under long-term tests.
Fig. 1—Sensor elements under long-term tests.

The authors describe a multiannular monitoring solution that measures pressure and temperature for each well annulus. These key parameters are captured by sensors based on microelectromechanical-system technology. A transmission methodology is used that allows power supply and data retrieval even for annuli beyond the B annulus. All electronic elements of the solution will be qualified through an international recommendation protocol [Advanced Well Equipment Standards (AWES)] that consists of a series of mechanical and long-term tests to ensure that the system will survive for 20 years at 125°C. The solution could be used in all storage applications, especially those related to the energy transition.


The initial goal of the intelligent-pipe solution was to add functionality to tubulars by embedding miniaturized sensors into the pipe body.

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