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New Acoustic Tool Expands Flow Diagnostics

Diagnostics firm TGT launched its newest acoustic platform that it says broadens flow analysis by adding radial distance to the data collected.

Source: TGT Diagnostics

TGT Diagnostics announced the launch of its latest acoustic platform, ChorusX, a new diagnostic resource designed to locate and characterize flow in oil and gas wells. TGT says the new acoustic array platform allows energy companies to find and map fluid flow throughout the well/reservoir system with ease and precision.

“Understanding flow dynamics in the well system is the key to unlocking better well and reservoir performance, and acoustic techniques have become an indispensable means of achieving that goal,” said Ken Feather, TGT’s chief marketing officer. “ChorusX is the result of 2 decades of intensive research, innovation, and extensive field experience in applying the power of sound to flow diagnostics in thousands of wells. Eight high-definition array sensors, extreme dynamic range recording, and a unique phase analysis engine work in concert to deliver uncompromising levels of clarity, precision, and certainty to analysts and well operators.”

At the heart of ChorusX is a compact array of eight nano-synchronized sensors that record high-resolution flow sounds across an extreme dynamic range of intensities and frequencies. A unique phase analysis work flow combines specialized acoustic field modeling with a waveform-matching algorithm. This combination delivers an important new dimension to acoustics and flow diagnosis—radial distance.

“ChorusX has been redesigned from the ground up to excel in three important areas: extending spatial and audible reach to record the lightest, quietest, and furthest flows; recognizing different types of flows; and pinpointing flow sources with unmatched accuracy in depth, and radially,” Feather said.