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Palantir Enters Multiyear Partnership with Azule Energy

The Angolan oil and gas producer will use the Palantir Foundry software suite across its operations.

Source: Palantir

Palantir Technologies and Angolan energy provider Azule Energy have entered a multiyear partnership to use Palantir’s software for Azule’s upstream production. The Palantir Foundry software platform is expected to help Azule Energy manage its current 200,000 B/D production and support their growth goal of 250,000 B/D.

Azule, a 50/50 independent joint venture by BP and Eni, has selected Palantir Foundry to digitize operations of its assets. Foundry will be used in Azule Energy’s upstream oil production business to support petroleum engineers, process engineers, and flow-assurance engineers. Foundry will also assist in the development of Azule’s upstream ontology, connecting its data, including real-time sensor data, from wells, pipelines, compressors, and other equipment.

“We are excited to work with Azule Energy and expand our presence in an industry we’ve worked and operated in for more than a decade,” said Matt Babin, global head of energy at Palantir. “Palantir Foundry will serve as the digital foundation for Azule Energy’s upstream production business, helping them manage and grow their production safely and optimally.”

Palantir has worked in the energy sector for more than a decade.