Sand management/control

Plasma-Sprayed Coatings Resist Erosion in Wire-Wrapped Screens

The authors of this paper describe a coating designed for enhanced erosion resistance for standard wire-wrapped screens that consists of ceramic or hard metal applied by plasma spraying.

Comparison of coated and uncoated screen samples (Series 2) before and after erosion.
Fig. 1—Comparison of coated and uncoated screen samples (Series 2) before and after erosion.
Source: IPTC 21158.

A newly developed coating is put on the outside (i.e., facing the formation) of standard wire-wrapped screens to make the slots erosion-resistant. The coating consists of ceramic or hard metal and is applied by plasma spraying. An extensive development and verification program was conducted to guarantee defined slot widths, corrosion resistance, and mechanical strength of coating and screen. The coating improves resistance against erosion, can withstand corrosive well environments, and features mechanical properties suitable to be safely installed in any well.

Thermal Spraying and Composition of Coatings

The screens are coated using thermal spraying.

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