Robotics/unmanned systems

Remote Operations Development Unveiled for ROV Systems

Development in software, technology, and a global 4G network combine to make ROV operations possible between offshore vessels and remote locations.

Perry remotely operated vehicle

Forum Energy Technologies developed a remote operation capability for its work-class, and observation-class (Perry and Sub-Atlantic) remotely operated vehicle (ROV) systems between offshore vessels and remote locations. The company said the new ROV ability opens opportunities to adapt operational practices in response to industry needs such as reductions in costs, and health, safety, and environment (HSE) risks by reducing offshore crews.

Since the company’s remote pilot concept was proven in 2010, continued development in software, technology, and a global 4G network, allowed the company to offer remote operations on its full range of ROV systems.

The ICE and subCAN suites provide the piloting of vessel or platform-based systems from an onshore control facility via a wired, 4G, or satellite connection. The software applies enhanced position control when a compatible DVL [Doppler velocity log] and gyro are fitted to the ROV.

The onshore hardware replicates the offshore HMI hardware and GUI. The onshore control module provides a local hub for power and data connections.