Flow assurance

Robust Scale Dissolver Mitigates Mixed-Scale Issue in South China Sea

This paper describes the evaluation of a recently developed robust solid dissolver that can dissolve multiple types of scale simultaneously.

Dissolution test with the RSD at room temperature.
Fig. 1—Dissolution test with the RSD at room temperature. (a) A 5-g deposit was placed in a test tube; (b) the RSD was added; and (c) the sample was left overnight, after which the deposit sample was more than 98% dissolved.
Source: SPE 211187.

The evaluation of a recently developed robust solid dissolver (RSD), from the laboratory phase through pilot deployment, is presented in the complete paper. Based on laboratory tests, the RSD can dissolve mixed scales completely in 24 hours at well temperatures while experiencing no incompatibility issues with production chemicals and all pumping and wireline components. The RSD was developed based on the total organic system that can prevent corrosion and is compatible with hydrocarbon. The RSD was piloted at oil Well 1 in Field PN and successfully removed mixed scales, allowing the well’s revival.


Solid scale deposition is one of the most frequent flow-assurance issues both in subsurface and at the surface.

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