Santos Names Weatherford Contractor of the Year

The oilfield services company's Tubular Running Service was recognized for reducing costs, maximizing safety.

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Santos, an independent oil and gas producer in the Asia-Pacific region, named Weatherford International Contractor of the Year. Santos’ operations team awarded Weatherford the honor from among the several hundred contractors the company employs across their operations.

The objective was clear for the Weatherford Tubular Running Services team across the four-well campaign: Complete the running of all casing and tubing with zero incidents and minimal nonproductive time. Adding to the urgency of the challenge was the fact all operations were classified as red zone, meaning high risk with field personnel operating in harm’s way.

Weatherford Vice President, Asia, Eric Young, said, “We are very happy Santos chose to highlight the work of our Australia tubular running service team by recognizing their ‘Pacesetter’ performance in the efficient completion of the task. Being Santos’ Contractor of the Year is a tremendous achievement.”

Brett Darley, executive vice president, offshore, Santos, commented, “Weatherford provided a solution that enabled Santos to execute a safe, efficient tubular running operation with hands-free technology. Safety is extremely important at Santos and Weatherford delivered an outcome with zero incidents and zero near-misses.”