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These are the papers synopsized in JPT this month. They are available to SPE members only through 31 October 2021. There are also links to them at the bottom of each related synopsis.

Reservoir Surveillance

Advances in Understanding Relative Permeability Shifts by Imbibition of Surfactant Solutions Into Tight Plugs

Inversion of Advanced Full Waveform Sonic Data Provides Magnitudes of Minimum and Maximum Horizontal Stress for Calibrating the Geomechanics Model in a Gas Storage Reservoir

Fluid Tracking Modeling for Condensate/Oil Production and Gas Use Allocation: An Abu Dhabi Onshore Example

Field Development

Finding a Trend Out of Chaos: A Machine-Learning Approach for Well Spacing Optimization

Reinforcement Learning For Field Development Policy Optimization

Generative Well Pattern Design Applied to a Giant Mature Field Leads to the Identification of Major Drilling Expenditure Reduction Opportunity

Offshore Facilities

Integrated Debottlenecking Approach Revitalizes Aging Platform by Increasing Production 30% in Gulf of Mexico

Oilfield Chemistry

Application of Specially Designed Polymers in High-Water-Cut Wells: A Holistic Well-Intervention Technology Applied in Umm Gudair Field, Kuwait

Effect of Silica Nanoparticles on Oil Recovery During Alternating Injection With Low-Salinity Water and Surfactant Into Carbonate Reservoirs.

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