JPT September 2021 Issue

September 2021 JPT cover

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To date, Sakhalin Energy has sold all the LNG produced at its Prigorodnoye LNG production complex to buyers in the Asia Pacific and North America. Source: Sakhalin Energy.

Monthly Features
Guest Editorial
Case Study
  • Purchasing carbon offsets is a widespread means of attempting to meet carbon-reduction and net-zero emissions goals across many industries. Also widespread is the increasing scrutiny of the practice. How “real” are the offsets? How are they quantified and verified, and by whom?
SPE News
Reservoir Surveillance
  • In this feature, we will explore innovative approaches to help better understand the stress state of the reservoir, interactions between different fluids and rocks, and how to track the movement of specific fluid components throughout the reservoir.
Offshore Facilities
  • Brent crude oil price finally had reached $75/bbl at the time of writing. So far, this oil price is the highest since before the COVID-19 pandemic, which is a good sign that demand is picking up. Oil and gas offshore projects also seem to be picking up; most offshore greenfield projects are dictated by economics and the price of oil.
Field Development
  • The digital transformation that began several years ago continues to grow and evolve. With new advancements in data analytics and machine-learning algorithms, field developers today see more benefits to upgrading their traditional development work flows to automated artificial-intelligence work flows. The transformation has helped develop more-efficient and truly inte…
Oilfield Chemistry
  • As production chemists, we are all aware of the overall concepts of improved oil recovery (IOR) and enhanced oil recovery (EOR). Perhaps, though, fewer of us are aware of the different idiosyncrasies that exist within (and even between) these two broad categories of recovery and how chemistry and chemicals can have an effect upon these processes.

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