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SPE Announces New Europe Energy Conference

The conference represents a new direction for SPE’s EuropEC as it adapts to the energy transition. The call for papers is open.

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The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is expanding its focus on the energy transition by launching the new SPE Europe Energy Conference, in June 2024, in Turin, Italy.

The energy landscape in Europe is changing at a rapid pace as the drive for decarbonization forges ahead to meet global net-zero goals. At such a pivotal time in the industry, SPE is firmly focused on the future of our industry, the energy transition, and the process and technological developments surrounding lower carbon emissions.

As part of its contribution in achieving this, SPE is establishing a new energy transition event in Europe, dedicated to showcasing the latest science and technology needed by the E&P industry to achieve net-zero emissions and social well-being.

Previously part of the EAGE Annual Conference and Exhibition, the launch event in June 2024 will offer an enhanced event program focusing on the net-zero concept. This will be a uniquely integrated event reaching the wider energy, environmental, and economic communities with an innovative and collaborative approach incorporating an inclusive range of industries and stakeholders.

The aim is to generate novel research and fuel innovation to accelerate decarbonization and create a more-sustainable and climate-friendly future. The event will also be developing a student and young professionals program to support the future generations of the energy industry, a critical factor for implementing the transition.

SPE’s Chief Global Events Officer, Michelle Boyd, highlights the importance of this new event: “Enabling the energy transition is a top priority for SPE, and we aim to utilize our position in Europe to offer our members a diverse range of relevant technical programs. To ensure the industry has the necessary skills to achieve net zero, we are working to attract a broader community of attendees, including technical professionals from various fields and representatives from other technical societies.”

The Europe Energy Conference will continue to unite various technical disciplines in a single conference, adapting to current challenges and opportunities while leveraging the conference’s traditional geoscience heritage.

The organizing committee includes representation from major energy leaders, academia, international oil companies, nongovernment organizations, intergovernmental organizations, service companies, and policy makers.

The diverse range of conference topics include sustainability, CCUS, geothermal energy, hydrogen, carbon-efficient reservoir management, plant conversions, net-zero energy economics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, digitization, and more.

Confirmed Conference Chairperson Professor Francesca Verga, Underground Energy Systems, Politecnico di Torino, emphasizes the necessity for innovation and integration. “The conference will offer a unique opportunity to establish a common ground throughout disciplines to highlight scientific and technical achievements, identify needs to deploy the value chain of the energy transition, share proposed guidelines for optimizing integrated processes and procedures, and discuss the new targets of education in the energy sector.”

An exhibition will run alongside the conference providing the opportunity for progressive industry players at the forefront of innovation to showcase their expertise and new technologies.

SPE has been offering this unique event since 1980, bringing together more than 800 E&P professionals and experts.

The call for papers is open. Visit SPE Europe Energy Conference to learn more.