Reservoir characterization

Trace a Path To Reduce Capex and Maximize Recovery

Developing a reservoir with current capex constraints requires innovative technology to provide reliable reservoir production insight. This article describes how chemical tracer technologies can be integrated into reservoir development plans to reduce risk, minimize capex, and maximize ROI.

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Developing a reservoir with the current capex constraints requires the use of innovative technology to provide reliable reservoir production insight. Integrating patented chemical tracer technologies into reservoir development plans can reduce risk, minimize capex spend and maximize return on investment.

Optimizing Stage Production and Well Connectivity

Understanding the impact that geology, petrophysics, drilling and stimulation practices have on stage productivity is essential for optimal reservoir development.

Unlike other tracer diagnostic offerings, liquid molecular tracers, patented by Tracerco, are able to fully quantify individual stage production, providing operators with the confidence to adjust future field development plans and optimize hydrocarbon recovery.

A Tracer Production Log™ (TPL) uses unique liquid molecular tracers, each injected directly into stimulation fluids during well completion as an emulsion. Once in the fracture matrix, the oil and gas tracers move across when they encounter oil and gas respectively and water tracers remain within the water phase. The well is opened, and surface samples of each phase are taken. Tracer analysis is carried out to detect the presence of the unique tracers. Data interpretation allows measurement of production contribution of oil, gas, and water from each stage without any well intervention.

Stage productivity when compared to drilling and stimulation decisions provides an empirical evaluation of the choices made when designing the well and its completion. This multivariable analysis allows identification of key indicators to guide future fracture design and field development. Well landing, stage location, stage design, well spacing and formation selection can be optimized to allow operators to maximize hydrocarbon recovery and reduce development costs. As an added benefit, communication between wells is measurable, providing insight into parent-child well relationships.

Quantification of oil and water stage production using a Tracer Production Log.

Proven in thousands of wells globally, a Tracer Production Log™ (TPL) provides unparalleled reservoir knowledge, allowing capex to be invested wisely to maximize stakeholder value. 

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