Coiled tubing

Ultradeep-Field Study: Extreme-Underbalanced HP/HT Coiled-Tubing-Conveyed Perforating

An early commitment to integrate MPD into an HP/HT drilling operation can make MPD more than just an enabling tool and turn it into a performance tool that offers significant operational benefits.


At an initial stage in a project to carry out the first high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) field development offshore Malaysia, a locally conventional initial design considered the use of coiled-tubing-conveyed perforating (CTCP) to perforate a 7-in. liner and then to complete the well in open hole with overbalanced completion fluid. This solution posed several challenges that would have affected the safety of the completion process and the future integrity of the well architecture. A different approach, in which a fully cased hole well was completed in underbalance and then perforated once the completion was installed and tested, was used by the operator for the first time.


The KN field is located west/northwest of Labuan offshore Sabah.

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