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Video: SPE Talks Leadership

SPE leaders share their insights on how COVID-19 and the low oil price environment are affecting the oil and gas workforce, the SPE, and future industry interaction, including academia.

SPE Talks Leadership (LIVE)

In a recent SPE Live session, an executive panel of SPE leaders addressed how leaders should act and steer their organizations through one of the most challenging times in the oil industry, which is facing two major challenges: the COVID-19 pandemic and the current low oil price environment. The panelists shared their insights on how these two waves are impacting the oil and gas workforce, the SPE, and future industry interaction including academia. 

The panelists were Sami Alnuaim, 2019 SPE President; Tom Blasingame, 2021 SPE President; Eve Sprunt, 2006 SPE President; and Kamel Ben-Naceur, 2022 SPE president nominee.

The session was moderated by Maria Angela Capello, chair of the SPE Business Management & Leadership Committee.

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